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Résumés are often misunderstood. Some people say they should be one, two, three or more pages. Others say they should be job specific. Still others say you should or shouldn’t include an objective, activities, hobbies, enjoyments, etc. Many people who want to create or write a résumé often guess what should be on a résumé without questioning why.

Then, there are the readers of résumés: people whose job it is to find people to fill positions in companies and organizations (interviewers, human resource representatives); people who are looking to create jobs around your unique skills, abilities, and experience (job developers); and people who want to know more about you so they can help you.

Then, there are those who teach or assist others to develop résumés. Many say things such as, only focus on accomplishments over the past ten years, do not include dates because they reveal your age, and the employer only wants to see…, etc., without understanding how they themselves and the employer representative (interviewers, human resource representatives) developed their own skills, abilities, and experiences.

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