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David William Wagenvoord
(8/10/1932 - 4/21/2014)

David William Wagenvoord, husband of Lola Wagenvoord, has departed Clearwater for that great radio station in the sky, W-GOD. Dave, President of Wagenvoord Advertising Group Inc., and owner of the Tan Talk Radio Network, authored the best-selling book on the subject of barter, "No Cash, No Problem."

Dave attended Michigan State University on a golf scholarship, then served in Korea, working with the Stars and Stripes newspaper. Dave started his radio career in 1956 as "Dave Wren", bringing the new rock and roll genre to Tallahassee. Dave quickly moved up the ladder of success to become owner/operator of over ten radio stations from Hawaii to Tampa Bay, as well as a New Orleans television station. "Downtown Dave" was Wagenvoord's final radio persona, delivering wit and wisdom in his shows and interviews on the Tan Talk Radio Network.

Dave is survived by his wife and life partner Lola; brother James; his five children Helen, Barry, Michael, Sam, and Alice Toland; six grandchildren; and his cherished dogs Holden, Gilda, Roxie, Ragsdale and Blue. True to his unique style, Dave wrote his own obituary (Moved On!) and made his final barter deal for his own funeral! Many thanks to Hubble Funeral Home and Crematory.

A Celebration of Dave's Life will be held on Sunday, May 25th, at 5 pm, at Nauti Nancy's Food Shack on the grounds of the Tan Talk Studios at 706 N. Myrtle Avenue in Clearwater, Florida.

Highlights from the Downtown Dave Radio Show

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No Cash?
No Problem!

How To Get What You Want in Business and in Life, Without Using Cash!

By Dave Wagenvoord
& Ali Pervez

"This book is an elegantly simple primer in how almost any business owner or professional can leverage their business performance in a meaningful way -- without spending any additional cash."

- Jay L. Abraham
World's Leading Marketing Authority

Seven reasons you should buy this book!

  1. You will discover a new mindset that could change your life forever.
  2. You will learn a secret that is said to be known to only 500 people around the world.
  3. You will gain a new skill that can make you rich!
  4. You will reach your personal or business goals without using any cash.
  5. You will see how multimillion-dollar deals are done behind the scenes, all without using any cash. All true stories!
  6. You can complete your first cashless transaction before you even finish the book.
  7. No Cash, No Problem ™ is a compelling read -- once you start, you will find it hard to put this book down.

- David Hancock, Founder, Morgan James Publishing

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